General Provisions

This Code is a document which fixes the basic principles of the relations between the Members of the Business Community “Baltic Business Club” (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) corresponding with the objectives of their cooperation, the rules which regulate the actions of the administration with the Members of the Club.

The Code includes the rules and regulated relations between the Club Members.

The main value of the Club Members is acceptance of the Code and the principles stated therein. Please take the content of the document consciously and responsibly.

2. Goals and Objectives of the Club

2.1 Club Objectives

Closed Business Community “Baltic Business Club” is established to unite entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, professionals in different business fields with common interests, values, ideas and missions. The purpose of the Club is mutual personal support and business cooperation in commercial and socially oriented projects.

2.2 Club objectives:

– formation of a partnership atmosphere in the business environment, built on trust and adherence to partnership relations;

– consolidation of successful approaches in business: practice and education;

– introduction of innovations in the activities of modern business clubs;

– elaboration of mechanisms to unite the interests of the Club members in different areas;

– creating a professional platform for the development and cooperation of experienced and novice businessmen (business gas pedal, business angels club);

– joint creation of socially significant projects of national scale;

– Creation of the international platform of entrepreneurial support;

– development of international professional and business cooperation.

2.3 Club values

“Baltic Business Club” is an association of like-minded people in different business spheres. With the development of the Club each member is rapidly growing as a businessman and an expert in a certain industry.

This is facilitated by the following points:

– Constant flow of new entrepreneurs “on the same wave”.

– Expanding business connections.

– Rapid access to up-to-date information.

– Learning from the best experts.

– A personal “Board of Directors.”

– A safe environment for growth.

– Managing personal strategies for the future.

– Motivation by example.

– Clear investment success stories.

– Leadership experiences and practices.

– The state of meanings and one’s own life DNA.

– Realizing oneself and one’s mission.

– Changing and enhancing one’s own status.

– Personal and business scaling.

– Entrepreneurial solidarity.

– An environment for willpower.

– Brightness of life and exploration of the world.

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1. general provisions

2. Goals and Objectives of the Club

2.1 Objectives of the Club

2.2 Club Objectives

2.3 Our Strength

3. Club Principles

3.1 Respect

3.2 Exchange

3.3 Trust & Honesty

3.4 Support

3.5 It is NOT acceptable in the Club

3.6 Club is FORBIDDEN

4. Club Policies

5. Club Values

5.1 The Ecosystem of Success

5.2 An Ecosystem of Vitality

5.3 Unity

6. Club Resources

6.1 Ecosystem of Friendship

7. Club Management

7.1 Club Leaders

7.2 Tasks of the Club Council

7.3 Terms of Membership

8. Final Terms

9. Declaration

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