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Spanning across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, this community of high-caliber professionals has significantly boosted my business activities, delivering tangible results in an atmosphere that's as supportive as it is stimulating.
Vaclovas Pranskunas

Exclusive Community for Dynamic Entrepreneurs and C-suite Executives

We cultivate powerful entrepreneurial relationships, leveraging the most recent industry intelligence and progression.

Who Stands with the
Baltic Business Club

Entrepreneurs and C-suite executives, who have the potential to be role models in the Baltic business sector. Our members include those who have achieved remarkable success in their fields, managing businesses that have made substantial economic impacts.

The Baltic Business Club unites entrepreneurs and top executives from 35 different industries, ranging from tech startups to construction company owners.”

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At the Baltic Business Club, we cherish the power of community and shared experiences. Our diverse calendar is designed to inspire intellectual growth, nurture valuable connections, and ignite unique opportunities for our esteemed members.

Our club hosts immersive strategy sessions and enlightening forums, curated to cater to the diverse needs of modern entrepreneurs. These experiences, enriching and empowering, underline our dedication to facilitating both personal and professional growth.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment for
Your Success

We foster resilient, forward-thinking strategies and connections for your entrepreneurial journey. Connect with us to explore membership opportunities!

Values of
Baltic Business Club

We conduct our affairs with utmost honesty and legality, honoring our commitments with steadfast responsibility. Our reputation is built upon the bedrock of ethical practices, demonstrating our commitment to upholding the highest standards in all our endeavors

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Membership Process

The Baltic Business Club membership journey is a streamlined, five-step process. Each stage is designed to ensure the perfect alignment of values and goals between the potential member and our community. Here’s a succinct overview of our thoughtful application process:

  1. Club Presentation

    Get to know us better. Attend one of our events to understand our mission, values, and what we stand for.

  2. Interview

    We'd like to get to know you too. Participate in an interview where you can tell us about yourself, your business, and your aspirations.

  3. Verification

    We value the trust and integrity of our club. Therefore, we will conduct a verification process to ensure alignment with our membership criteria.

  4. Guest Meeting

    Experience the club firsthand. Attend a guest meeting to connect with our existing members and get a feel for our community.

  5. Group Selection

    Finally, based on your interests, business domain, and the value you can bring to our community, we will assign you to a suitable group within our club.

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